Friday, November 20, 2009

Stir Crazy

I noticed that this month I will far exceed entries than past months.  I find it a challenge of sorts to try and beat my last month's "record."  Today I feel indifferent, almost unmotivated to write a blog for today.  Today I don't have much of anything to update on Jesse.  All I have to talk about is myself.

Yesterday I started to get a bit stir crazy being in this house.  It is a different experience moving back with mom and dad.  Some days are better than others.  That is something that rings true in my day to day life, and something that is expected in being a military spouse.  By no means am I naive to this fact, but the last few days have been tough.  Not as tough as I believe that they can be, but tough nonetheless.  For a distraction yesterday I decided that I would go with my mom to Costco.  We looked around for a while, and I am amazed with how many samples they give out in the middle of a day on a week day!  Not only that but I'm starting to notice a holiday buzz... There were a lot of people there - especially for the middle of  a week day.

I managed not to spend a lot of money at the store (a surprise for a store like Costco), purchasing a Cooking Light book - "How to Cook Everything" - and a new dog bed for Stryker.  I'm sure Jesse's going to be thrilled with the fact that I bought Stryker a new dog bed, but Stryker keeps sleeping on a dog bed in my parents room.  His bed is very fluffy and round, and he seemed SO excited when he got his new bed.  I had to pull the tag off and then I called him into the bedroom where I dropped the bed onto the floor.  He was wagging his tail as much as Stryker wags his tail when he's excited (which isn't much) and immediately laid down on the bed.  It was SO cute.  The rest of the evening he followed me around, almost like he was thanking me for his new "toy."

I was thankful last night for the Thursday night TV to come on, then I watched a couple of episodes of other shows on for fun.  I had a splitting headache (which I seem to be getting more often lately) so I laid in the dark and tried not to stress my eyes out too much!

Today I was determined to do something.  I tried to talk my dad into going shopping at Lowe's or Home Depot, but he quickly talked me out of it.  So, as he did some of the routine cleaning he does before my mom gets home, I flipped through my brand new cookbook to find something to make for dinner.  As flank steak sounded like a good idea, I decided against it.  I decided on chicken with cider and bacon sauce along with brown and wild rice, broccoli, and bread.  Dad and I went to the grocery store, took a little drive, and came home.  Mom was home examining her new cookie press and was itching to use it.  So we decided to make chocolate spritz cookies.  After we were finished (I guess I should probably say my mother finished because I didn't help out that much) I packaged up a dozen and vacuum sealed them to send them to Jesse.

After that I shooed mom out of the kitchen and started to make dinner.  We ate and then I returned to my room to watch some Dateline mysteries on tv.  I also got some flat rate boxes in the mail, and am slightly disappointed with the size of the boxes.  But I guess that's the deal - you get a flat rate but probably won't be able to package everything you want.  Oh well I guess.

Next week is going to be a busy week, and I hope that everything goes smoothly.  I really hope the week flies by.  I am looking forward for the holiday season to be over, if I could skip it this year I would do so.  In the new year I plan on taking on cake decorating and doing some more intermediate classes with the doggie.  Maybe I can get him to learn how to walk well on a leash before Jesse gets home?  Maybe I'll take on some knitting or crocheting too.

Which brings me to another thought - Stryker is in need of a new collar.  I found this website a while back that sells collars,  I bought Stryker an Ezy Dog collar ( after the two of us had adopted him.  And it smells.  Bad.  Don't get me wrong they're great products, but its time for a change!  The new collars that they make at Dublin Dog are more of a rubber material, water doesn't get into it at all.  I'm thinking that the collar I like is a camouflage pattern but is white, yellow, and black.  I think it would look kinda cool on an all black dog.  We'll see what I end up doing!  I'm sure I'll keep everyone with pictures of the doggie and his new collar.

I'm going to start a new album with photos of our new place.  I will post that as soon as possible, I plan on documenting everything for Jesse and you to see.

I added more photos to the November photo album of Stryker's new dog bed along with some photos of our chocolate spritz cookies:

November 2009

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