Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New House, Dog Update, and Deployment Update

I skipped yesterday in updating the blog... To be absolutely honest I think the events in my life finally came to a head... Add in some stress and emotions from this week combined with a deployed husband that doesn't feel like being very pleasant and I was pretty pissed off!  Anyway, I went into work today, venting a few frustrations (mainly of my poor dog) and I treaded through the day.  Well, I might as well start from the beginning of yesterday to give you a low-down on how everything came together to this point.

Yesterday I got those keys!  I posted photos yesterday on Facebook, I will include the photo album at the end of this blog.  The house wasn't a lot like the show house we saw weeks ago, but I have to admit I'm pleasantly surprised.  I liked some of the other houses they had on post because of the way the kitchen/dining room/living room was set up, but the house we're going to be living in has raised ceilings, a decorative ceiling in the living/dining room, wood floors downstairs, and a very large master bath.  We're the third family to live in this house.

I turned in my prorated rent and met the housing people at the house to do the walk through.  It was like a walk through I had never done before, because the guy that did the walk through could've done it without us there.  He seemed to make good notes about the "damage" to the house, they were very general.  So hopefully "scratches on the floorboard" won't come back to haunt us, even though my family and I will likely do our own walk through to make sure they got everything (my dad and I did do a little walk with the housing person too).  We have 10 days to notify them if need be.  I then looked at some paint samples, double checking colors.  I am definitely am doing some revisions to my previous pain selections.  I then snapped some pictures, we unloaded the CRV, locked all the doors, and headed out.  We went to the PX and got paint supplies, and then went to the Commissary and picked up a few things we needed there.  I have to say the PX was dead, while the Commissary was keeping their normal reputation of being busy.

Dad and I headed home and I did some stuff at home.  My mom and I decided that we were going to go to JoAnn Fabrics so I let the dog out to use the bathroom.  Now, I know I mentioned in my one of my last posts that Stryker's face was swelling.  Well, it was fine monday.  Tuesday, not so much.  His nose, eyes, and lips were swollen when I let him in from outside.  Not only that but his nose was bleeding - not from his nostrils but from the top of his nose.  It was almost seeping - like from an insect bite.  I called the vet and then made an appointment.  I instructed dad to keep an eye on the big boy while mom and I went out (I bought fabric to make Jesse an Oakland A's blanket), and we came back home in time to take him to his next appointment.

On a dog-related note, he weighs 85 pounds, not 95 like we thought.  I don't know how that works or if a dog can even have his weight fluctuate that much, but regardless he's not as heavy as we thought.  Stryker got his temperature taken and then the doctor came in.  I have to say I like this veterinarian because he was nice; sometimes you just get a veterinarian that just isn't too pleasant.  Mom and I have had pretty good luck at this place though.  He swabbed Stryker's nose, looked at it under a slide, and came to a conclusion.  Stryker had eaten or come in contact with something that was irritating his skin AND there was something else.  He believed Stryker also was developing a nasal "infection" of sorts - apparently a common (possibly genetic) infection among German Shepherds.  This infection can progress quickly and if bothered and/or treated can lead to scarring and hair loss.  So basically they gave him a shot and some antibiotics.  If we run out of antibiotics before the infection is completely gone we will have to get a new prescription.  The antibiotic can also make the boy sick.  I feel horrible for my dog right now!

This morning things didn't go well for me either.  I'm not going to get into that....  Too tired!

I did talk to my husband yesterday and today.  He might be moving FOBs (Forward Operating Bases), but nothing is one hundred percent at this point.  But basically he will be "detached" from 2/1 and "attached" to another unit.  He's doing well, he likes in battalion commander, he knows a couple more people who are going to be heading out to his unit (from IBOLC), and he's had a lot of time in between things to watch movies!  They were supposed to have a pretty decent dinner tonight for Thanksgiving, since there it is Thanksgiving morning.

I am tired from all the craziness so I'm going to head to bed.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving and I will probably post more tomorrow!

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